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Wishboard allows you to create fantastic personal Wishboards (aka vision boards) to tap into the Laws of Attraction and The Universe of Plenty. Create with pictures, text affirmations, stickers, & more.

Make your dreams a reality...

A new way to create and bring your dreams & goals with you wherever you go! With Wishboard, you have creation at your fingertips… The only limit is your imagination!


IMAGE SEARCH: Find the perfect photos to represent your vision.

STICKERS: Add fun personalized accents to your board.

FOCUS TIMER: Helps you keep track of  how much time you spend creating, focusing, and manifesting.

SLIDESHOW: Multiple boards, no problem; show them all one-by-one & repeat.

User interface maximizes vision board canvas space.  Easy & intuitive touch controls.

Craft Your Perfect Vision Board

Essential Features

_Images   ◉_Backgrounds   ◉_Text Overlays   ◉_Photo Filters   ◉_Fonts   ◉_Rainbow of Colors   ◉_Square Mode for Social Media (Instagram)   ◉_Multiple Wishboards   ◉_Export

Explore the world of romance and build your vision of ideal relationships with a 'Love' vision board. Visualize your journey to finding true love, from heartwarming dates to deep emotional connections, creating a roadmap to the love life you've always desired.

Love Wishboard

A 'Health' vision board is designed to inspire and motivate you towards achieving your fitness goals. Whether it's gaining strength, improving endurance, or simply feeling healthier, this board helps you visualize a lifestyle where your wellbeing is prioritized, paving the way to a healthier you.

Health Wishboard

Dream big with a 'Wealth' vision board. Materialize your aspirations for financial success and luxury. From owning your dream home to driving the perfect car, create a board of wealth and prosperity that propels you towards achieving your financial dreams.

Wealth Wishboard

The Possibilities Are Endless





blur & focus

tone curve

Photo editing features allow you to get the right look and feel for each image placed onto your Wishboard.

Built-In Image Editor

Simple to create Wishboards!


App is simple and has a ton of other features if you want them.  This is the original Wishboard app people were telling me about and it lives up to hype.



I absolutely love this app!  I usually create my vision boards on paper to hang in my home but this app makes it greate to create on my phone so I can keep my vision with me all day.  Love it!



Exactly what I needed to create a vision board... simple, easy to use, no ads, easily exported to photos or other programs.  Thank you!!!


by Crystal Sky Solutions, Inc.

8022 S Rainbow Blvd #199

Las Vegas, NV 89139, USA [at]

Have questions, need assistance, or want to use Wishboard for your in-person or virtual event?

Get in touch

◉ We do not collect your sensitive data.
◉ All Wishboards stay on your device and
are optionally backed up to your iCloud account.
◉ No annoying ads.   ◉ No in-app feature purchases.

Privacy Respected

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